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Gaming refers to electronically playing through mobile phones, consoles, and computers.

The gaming industry in Africa is predisposed by the young population, laws surrounding gambling in online gaming, and the disposable income altogether.

The young population in Africa is expected to rise by 50 percent by 2025, an age bracket that is critical to the gaming future in the region. The growth of the video games market in the region can be attributed to the rising trend in the availability and popularity of the multi-functional game console. Online gaming has been made practical in Africa with the increasing high-speed internet connections 

Millions of Africans have gotten to enjoy some mobile games for the first time due to the rapid growth of smartphones in recent years and the coverage offered by mobile providers.

 Two-thirds of people living in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda can access the internet over a mobile device making them key markets for gaming 

South Africa is leading the content in plans to roll out the 5G connectivity with its authorities targeting 80 percent of the population having internet access by 2024. The gaming industry is bringing millions of dollars for countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda, and other top developers in the African region for all categories of videogames on mobile, Personal Computer (PC), Xbox, and PS.

Many enthusiastic developers in the world are taking an interest in the different cultures across Africa that have seen the games industry take shape in Africa even though the game console development is yet to take off in the region.

This article will help you know five video games that are popular among Africans.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 was featured in the Africa eSports Championship (AEC) because of its popularity in the region. Tekken is a game that is famous globally with spectacular graphics and gameplay. If you want to get the best arcade game experience, go for the unreal engine powering the physics on Tekken.

Tekken 7 is however supposed to be the final chapter of the game and African fans are not happy because of the love of the game 


The game has attracted many players across Africa since Multiplayer games are quite popular in the continent. Overwatch was developed by Blizzard with the multiplayer first-person shooter available on gaming consoles and PC. You can join your friends to play with you by selecting from over 30 characters.

Rank mode, arcade mode, and casual play mode are game features on overwatch, and just like a real tournament, you get the feel of playing classic multiplayer shooters.


Game enthusiasts all over the world love and play FIFA and would even swear an oath of life for it. FIFA over the years has remained the first choice for most gamers and so are those in Africa even though it faces stiff competition from the likes of football PES today. 

African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, and Nigeria are obsessed with football making it a popular sport in the region. 

Several sports like Cricket, football, tennis, and basketball are a regular part of the African lifestyle that has seen people play on platforms like Crazy Games, and Friv


With Mzito, you have to save Africa from ancient corruption through 15 different locations making it Africa’s favorite video game because the symbols and elements used in the game draw inspiration from the African culture.

You will find old African spirits and characters that make the game more fun and the goal is to help save and unite Africa and earn as many points as you can. The game can be downloaded free for Android and iOS users.


It is known that Africans love to gamble and they do it regularly as a way of earning extra cash.

Poker is undeniably the most popular casino game worldwide and is mostly played either online or on mobile phones by Africans. The popularity of other games is attributed to the rise of online casinos. Nowadays many Africans bet on live casinos on betting sites and you can also find old people playing the game with a real card set.


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