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‘Behind the Music’
When to watch: Now, on Paramount +.

We’re in the throes of a societal reassessment of fame and celebrity culture, so a new iteration of “Behind the Music” couldn’t come at a better time, even if several of the new episodes are about artists who were already the subjects of Original Flavor “Behind the Music.” One challenge for this show — and for every cable show of yore now revived or rebooted on a streaming platform — is its strange sense of niche-ness. Whether you meant to or not, you have probably seen the TLC episode of “Behind the Music” if you were anywhere near a TV between 1998 and 2002. That kind of ubiquity feels unlikely for any episode of anything on Paramount+.

‘The Wine Show’
When to watch: Now, on Sundance Now, AMC+ or Acorn TV.

If you already watched Stanley Tucci tour Italy, you can scratch a similar itch with the “The Wine Show.” Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys are back for Season 3, of course, and the actors James Purefoy and Dominic West join in, too. These new episodes, which focus on Portugal, were filmed before the pandemic, adding another layer of fantasy to proceedings that were already a wanderlustful dream of fine stemware at picnics and crisp shirts on sunny days. All seven episodes of Season 3 are now streaming, but you’re better off spacing them out, lest a sense of melancholic jealousy overwhelm the “ooh, pretty!” aspects.

When to watch: Now, on HBO Max.

“Jett” ran for only one nine-episode season in 2019, but now it has made its way from Cinemax to streaming. Carla Gugino stars as a fancy thief surrounded by sultry lowlifes, and the show is never more than a few minutes away from nudity, violence or nude violence. But the show has a fun panache. It’s more stylish and clever than many other premium-cable dramas, and it has a real knack for detail: funky tap shorts, small musical flourishes, quirky banter. The plot sometimes feels secondary to the vibe, but Gugino’s performance is juicy enough that it’s hard to care. If you like a pulpy show and want something with an edge, watch this.


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