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What are the most luxurious cities in the world?

It seems like finding the perfect vacation spot was already difficult but now, given we are looking for trips away after a pandemic that has had planes grounded for nearly a year, there is a special amount of pressure to ensure you are going to the right place. Well, the right place for you depends entirely on what you want out of your vacation. If that thing is luxury, then look no further as the below list will consider some of the most luxurious cities in the world.

Singapore’s city and island is responsible for one of the most developed economies in the world. Not only this but this country also has one of the highest GDP’s per capita as well. Renowned for a great nightlife and shopping, Singapore is embracing renewable energy as it is renowned for being one of the greenest cities on the globe.

Monte Carlo
If you’re happy playing online casinos, then head over to www.luckynuggetcasino.com and do just that. However, if you would much rather experience the real thing, Las Vegas is good, but Monte Carlo comes with fantastic gambling that takes place against a backdrop of luxury. This city, with a bustling nightlife, plenty of food to try and a rich culture, is truly one of the most beautiful and glamourous in the world. Honestly, anywhere that they decide to use to shoot a James Bond movie is worth a visit, right?

The economic growth of Dubai (though partially slowed down by Covid) truly is staggering. This city has come so far in such a short space of time, which is reflected in its unbelievable skyline. Take a boat tour of the city and see the Burj Al Arab to get a true intake of just how beautiful Dubai actually is. Afterwards, you can go for food and drinks at some of the most renowned restaurants in the world. Just make sure you prepare for the heat!

The fashion capital of the world and one of the most glamorous places that you could visit for your first vacation post COVID is Paris as there is always something you can be doing. From visiting the Eiffel Tower, to looking at art in the Louvre, to drinking some of the best wine available, why wouldn’t you want to visit?

One of the design capitals is obviously going to make this list. It’s famous for its unbelievable array of restaurants and shopping. Stumbling across luxury goods while you’re out and about will come with ease. An absolute must while you’re in Milan is to visit the Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This is one of the most luxurious shopping malls in the world and well worth your time.

If you do intend on heading to Milan and break the bank a little, you might want to consider getting a spending account that does not have any foreign transaction or maintenance fees as this will ensure that you’re keeping your budget in check.


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