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Iraq Reclaims 17,000 Looted Artifacts, Its Biggest-Ever Repatriation

ERBIL, Iraq — When the Iraqi prime minister’s plane touched down in Baghdad last week after an official visit to the United States,...

1,130 Looted Nigerian Artefacts Would Be Returned In 2022, Says Germany – Channels Television

The German Minister of State for Culture, Prof. Moniker Grutters (right), presenting a gift to the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai...

In the West the Looted Bronzes Are Museum Pieces. In Nigeria ‘They Are Our Ancestors.’

BENIN CITY, Nigeria — The young artist flipped through grainy photographs of delicate ivory masks of Queen Idia, seeking inspiration for her own...

Horniman Museum Preparing To Restitute Looted Benin Artefacts?

Warrior with sword and shield, Benin, Nigeria, now in Horniman Museum, London, United Kingdom Listen to article ’African art, like any great art, some...

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